26 Gloucester Road
Reading RG30 2TH
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Sort Code: 20-71-03 Account number: 10098132

Invoice Number INV-0065
Invoice Date 11th June 2019
Due Date 18th June 2019
Total Due £360.00
Mrs Natasha Keith

26 North Drive, HP13 6JW, High Wycombe

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceVATSub Total
1 Painting ceiling

Preparation and painting two coats

1 Removing grout

I'm not sure how long that will take... I didn't have good look at the grout but have seen at least few places which needs attention.

1 Materials

Paint and grout wash

Sub Total £310.00
VAT £50.00
Total Due £360.00

Marmic Team Ltd
Account No. 10098132
Sort Code. 20-71-03