26 Gloucester Road
Reading RG30 2TH
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Sort Code: 20-71-03 Account number: 10098132

Invoice Number INV-0070
Invoice Date 11th October 2019
Due Date 5th November 2019
Total Due £14,431.30
Mr. Frank Chen

3 Blackley Close, Lower Earley, RG67YE, Reading

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceVATSub Total
1 Garage Reconfiguration

Labour only.
Installation of the radiator
Removal of the garage gate
Bricking up double wall
Building partition wall on the exterior wall and insulate
Dot&dop plasterboard on the internal wall
Boarding ceiling
Building cupboard for the electric and gas meters
Skimming and decoration
Leveling the floor to the existing level internally
Hardwood floring (labour)

1 Window

Estimate for the supply and fitting

1 Building Materials

Estimate for deposit
Plasterboard, insulation, plywood, plaster, filler, screws etc.

1 Skip hire


1 Electric

Estimate for electrician labour, materials like wires, boxes etc.

1 Additional work

Supply water for the fridge £50
Covings £150
Wallpaper £750

Sub Total £13,341.30
VAT £1,090.00
Total Due £14,431.30

Marmic Team Ltd
Account No. 10098132
Sort Code. 20-71-03