Complex home renovation

Bathroom renovation.


Marmic Team Ltd. will take care of the renovation of your bathroom. We will rewire all connections, remove the old shower or bathtub, extensively take care of the entire renovation from the tiling throughout the modification of doors to the ceiling. By making the bathroom we can offer under floor heating, which will not only dry the floor, but also safer, and of course more enjoyable.

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The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. The team can cope with all different types of renovation, taking into all the hosts needs. By repairing with us, you can count on our full support both in design and in the selection of materials. On special request we can also make all furniture fixtures so that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want. Be sure to check our previous projects.

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It is a place of rest where you should feel comfortable. Are you dreaming about a new unfolding garden door, or maybe you just want to lightly refresh your living room. With us everything is possible, we will advise, we will select appropriate materials, and on special request we will prepare the visualisation of your living room, before the works begin. In our gallery you will find many completed projects of this type, they can be a great inspiration.


Our company offers furniture preparation for a specific dimension. Properly managed space is an easier life, unnecessary gaps at home that spoil the visual effect. A hole under the stairs, kitchen furniture or storage in the garden – it’s not a problem for us. Making your decision, you can perfectly match the furniture colour to the interior of the house, as well as what materials.

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When space is not enough – we can help. We can extend your house, but also increase the usable area. We will carry out all works from the floor to the roof itself, working with our materials or materials chosen by you. No ideas? Easy – our designers will definitely come up with something.

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Marmic Team Ltd. also offers extensive plumbing services. By renovating rooms like a kitchen or bathroom, making extensions or adapting vacant rooms to a bathroom, pipe work can not be done without it. In our team there are plumbers who during the renovation will deal with the proper distribution of water pipes or drains. This does not only save time, but also money. We also deal with minor plumbing issues.


We deal with lighting in front of the house, electricial installation in the attic, CCTV installation or even under connections to the outside garden. Marmic Team Ltd. comprehensively perform all electrical services, from minor repairs, through the implementation of entire installations in newly built facilities.


Houses like to break, we especially like when they are fully functional. That’s why for our clients we offer professional service and repair of those minor and major faults at home. Our service also includes advice thath will eliminate possible breakdowns in the future.



Eco-friendly houses built by Marmic Team Ltd. save every day, both for your wallet and for the environment, which is very important to us. When you decide to build an eco-friendly house, you can be sure that the monthly operating costs will drop to a minimum. An eco-friendly house is free electricity, as well as various systems – including heating. Find out how an eco-friendly house really works.


An eco-friendly electrical house can be obtained from solar panels as well as all types of turbines. Houses that have a water stream on the property can be quipped with a water pump that will generate additional energy, in most cases we will focus on solar panels and wind turbines, which are becoming more and more efficient each year, generating more and more energy. This type of system will provide free energy at home, as well as hot water.


It will make the house unattached to the community’s installation. The water that has been cleaned in this way is perfect for watering the garden during the summer. Householed sewage treatment are not only small soundless devices, but they are great for any household, saving a lot of money, while making the world more eco-friendly.


In an ecological house, water can be obtained in several ways, from a traditional well, in which we generally find clean healthy water, through rain water purification systems, and by the devices that extract water from the air. We use water systems depending on the possibilities – it is not possible to dig a well anywhere.


A house that is designed in the right way – is heated by itself. At Marmic Team Ltd. we have proven heating solutions that allow you to create a fully autonomous home – also in terms of heating. Imagine a floor that not only looks good but also accumulates heat that is returned into the room. If such systems was, however not enough, we also use other solutions so that the house will always be warm and cozy.



If you have a vision and you like to follow new trends – this one should be the most appealing to you. The materials from which ecological homes are created – are generally natural and therefore healthy, before the valuation it is necessary to contact our adviser, who will first find out what to build, then assess the area where the ecological house is to be build to offer the best solutions for your location. There are many options and possibilities! Please contact us – start living ecologically – your home can work for you.