26 Gloucester Road
Reading RG30 2TH
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Sort Code: 20-71-03 Account number: 10098132


Quote Number QUO-133
Quote Date 27th lipiec 2020
Total £34,872.00

71 Coventry Road, Reading, UK

Mob; +447365297764

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceVATSub Total
1 Bathroom

Stripping the bathroom
Installation of the shower, toilet, basin, radiator.
Tilling floor and walls around shower and hallway around
New connection to the sawage will be quoted separately.

1 Kitchen

Stripping the kitchen
Lining floring (vinyl advised)
Installing kitchen kabinets with the appliances (washing machine, fridge, sink, kooker, hood /Vent with canister.

1 Relocation of the toilet

Digging around toilet to find main sawage and changing Te to strait connection in to the bathroom if that is direction of the pipe.
If not cost may vary.

1 Beam installation

To build open plan (kitchen - toilet)

1 Dinning

Preparation of the walls, ceiling and woodwork for painting, lining laminate flooring

1 Corridor and stairs

Preparation for painting and lining laminate flooring

1 Bedrooms

Replacing ceilings
Preparation for painting
Lining laminate flooring

1 Lounge

Replacement of the existing ceiling, preparation for painting (ceiling and walls) , laminate flooring

1 Painting

All walls and ceilings (white)

1 Chimney removal

Removal of the two chimney breast on the floors.

1 Attic adaptation

Installation of the loft hatch
Lining the floor base,
Isolation to the foof trus
Laminate flooring
Installation of electric and windows will be quoted separately.

1 Materials

Estimate for deposit
Building materials only
Cost may vary depending on the scale of the refurbishment.
Appliances will be supplied by the client.
I can help you with the tiles, appliances, furniture if required.

1 Laminate flooring

For your convenience here is quote for the laminate flooring only

1 Damp proof the wall

Day rate

1 Eanginer


1 Electric

Depending what you would like to do. If you going to change the old main board and add some sockets will be cheaper than + putting all the cables into the wall

Sub Total £29,560.00
VAT £5,312.00
Total £34,872.00

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