26 Gloucester Road
Reading RG30 2TH
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Sort Code: 20-71-03 Account number: 10098132


Quote Number QUO-132
Quote Date 17th July 2020
Total £9,415.00
Abba Asiakh

24 Gloucester Road, Reading, RG30 2TH

Painting decorating
Vinyl flooring
Kitchen worktop and cabinets

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceVATSub Total
1 Painting

Painting decorating 6 bedrooms, corridor, two staircase, two landings, kitchen, all woodwork.
All carpets will be changed

1 Vinyl flooring

Removing carpets and lino
Lining vinyl floor with border trims

1 Worktop replacement
1 Cabinets replacement

Replacement of 3 cabinets
Adjusting cabinets doors

1 Rubbish disposal
1 Seal the external wall
1 Materials

Estimate for deposit

Sub Total £8,095.00
VAT £1,320.00
Total £9,415.00

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