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26 Gloucester Road
Reading RG30 2TH
Berkshire, United Kingdom
Sort Code: 20-71-03 Account number: 10098132

Quote Number QUO-110
Quote Date 10th March 2020
Total £2,855.00
Ms Jeanine Daller

Flat 34, 6 Oscar Wilde Road, Reading RG1 3FG

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceVATSub Total
1 Painting decorating

Whitewashing all walls with water resistant paint + ceiling of the main bedroom (other ceilings are still ok). There are a few holes to fill in the bathroom and the living room.

Painting 4 internal wooden doors, the outside of the wooden storage cupboard and the front door ( inside and outside)

All skirting boards

Radiators in the bathrooms as there is some rust at the bottom ( may not need full repainting).

1 Building Materials

Estimate for deposit :
Protection, filler, paint etc

Sub Total £2,475.00
VAT £380.00
Total £2,855.00

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