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A bathroom is a particular room in each house or flat that requires a special approach when it comes to renovations. As Marmic Team Ltd., we understand this perfectly, which is why we made our team of real specialists. So if you live in Bracknel and want to renovate your place, go for the professionals.

Marmic Team Ltd. is ready to renovate your bathroom

Bathroom renovations without the help of plumbers is a bad idea. We know it very well, which is why our group includes people who know the piping and sewage systems. Their knowledge will be useful primarily when you decide to change rooms after a general renovation of the flat or after carrying out a house extension service. Can a room become a bathroom? Certainly, yes. Thanks to our specialists, it’s possible connect sewage and hydraulic pipes to another place.

Do you live in Bracknel? We will renovate your bathroom

Are you considering bathroom renovation? Sometimes even a relatively small change is enough to make the whole thing look good and functional. If you struggle with unadapted cabinets, it may be worthwhile to choose bespoke furniture. We offer many solutions that will work well in flats in Bracknel. Do you want a bigger renovation and a total change? We can replace all tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling, remove the old bathtub or shower, or replace the old doors.

Modern bathroom solutions: Marmic Team Ltd. for Bracknel

Stylish bathrooms are not only modern tiles and interesting accessories. A very functional solution for the bathroom is underfloor heating. It’s convenient, practical and works perfect for bathrooms. In order to make the whole room really comfortable, you should consider inserting an additional custom-sized cabinet under the mirror or in such a way separate the wardrobe zone. All in all, major bathroom renovation is no problem for Marmic Team Ltd. We can advise you on how to organize the space so that it holds everything you need and, at the same time, keep the room stylish.


Do you only work in Brackell?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a bathroom?

We will rewire all connections, remove the old shower or bathtub, extensively take care of the entire renovation from the tiling throughout the modification of doors to the ceiling.

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