Kitchen renovation – Bracknell

Kitchen renovation.


Could your kitchen use some renovation? Are you searching for a renovation team that has plumbers in its team? If so, bet on us. As Marmic Team Ltd., we will renovate your kitchen and adapt every room in the flat to your necessities. Is your home in Bracknell or nearby? Don’t wait any longer, call us and take the first step towards the stylish kitchen of your dreams.

Furniture prefect for your kitchen in Bracknell

Kitchen renovation doesn’t always mean removing floors and replacing tiles, though if needed, we van also perform those services for you. Matching kitchen furniture to the room is frequently a difficult endeavour, because the sets offered in stores don’t always match small or differently-built kitchens. Is your kitchen in a room with a sloped wall or maybe you wish for everything to fit perfectly? In any case, custom-made furniture will be an excellent solution.

Converting a room into a kitchen? It’s possible in Bracknell

Sometimes there’s a need to change an ordinary room into a kitchen. If a new family is to move into your house in Bracknell, or the former living room is more suited to a kitchen after a home extension service, this conversion can be beneficial. We are also able to live up to your expectations with this task. As Marmic Team Ltd., we have plumbers in our team, who know how to connect sewage and water pipes. Changing a room into a kitchen often takes a bit of work, but it’s not a reason to give up on your dreams.

Bracknell: kitchen renovation with consulting

You’re not sure what your kitchen should look like after renovation? Are you wondering what furniture to order? Are you looking for proven solutions, but inspiration from the Internet is not enough? Call us and we will help you choose the best renovation materials and we will advise you which options will be best for your kitchen. Are you aiming for stylish and comfortable solutions? If so, make sure to check out our previous projects and see what kind of kitchen our team can make for in your flat in Bracknell.


Do you only work in Brackell?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a kitchen?

By repairing with us, you can count on our full support both in design and in the selection of materials. On special request we can also make all furniture fixtures so that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want.

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