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Kitchen renovation.


House or flat renovation is a real challenge for many people, but thanks to a qualified group of professionals, everything can go quickly and according to plan. Do you want your flat to fit in with the latest interior design trends? Are you running out of free space? Or maybe you need a kitchen or bathroom renovation? We are able to help you all those cases.

Kitchen or bathroom for renovation

The kitchen and bathroom are two important rooms in every house or flat, so it’s worth taking care of their good appearance. Bathroom renovation will allow to adapted it to the new trends. Sometimes even a seemingly simple replacement of tiles or inserting a dividing wall between the bathtub and the toilet can make a difference. What works really well in kitchens are bespoke furniture adapted to the needs of household members. We will advise you on what materials to use to make the whole look good.

No more free room? We’ll fix it!

A small usable space in a residential building is a common problem for many people. If you are one of them, don’t wring your hands as we’re certainly able to help you. House extensions of any type are included in our offer, so even if you lack ideas on how your house will look like after renovation, we can develop a project for you in which we’ll present our vision.

Bet on a new house or flat interior

Nowadays, when interest in interior design is growing, many people want to have a nice and functional home. In order to achieve this, you’ll frequently need a renovation. Replacing the floor with a new one, painting or removing tiles in the kitchen are just a few of the proposals that can bring a really big change. Even if you do not know much about renovation and adapting flats to current trends, we can provide you with our advice and experience. We are happy to help you choose the right building materials, furniture or other elements of the arrangement.

Furniture tailored to your needs

Currently, there are many different types of equipment and furniture on the market that can create interesting compositions, but not every sofa or cupboard fits perfectly into a given room. To fix this, we manufacture bespoke furniture. Thanks to them, furniture in your home can be 100% adapted to the dimensions of a room, bathroom, kitchen or dressing-room.


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