Bathroom renovation – Henley

Kitchen renovation.


A stylish bathroom that fits the entire flat is a good way to achieve consistency in the arrangement. What should you do if such consistency is missing in your flat in Henley? An excellent way out of this situation is bathroom renovation. When deciding to take such a step, it is worth entrusting the whole matter to a team of specialists who benefit from the renovation experience, and specialist designers and plumbers.

Major and minor bathroom renovation in Henley

Regardless of whether you are planning a large or rather small bathroom renovation, make sure that the service provided is comprehensive. As Marmic Team Ltd., we offer a range of services which make the renovation performance fairly efficient and quick. Our team includes specialists who can easily get rid of the bathtub or shower you want to throw away, but we also have furniture designers-consultants. We can design original, stylish bespoke furniture for your bathroom and advise you on what materials will be the best during renovation.

Converting a room into a bathroom? It’s possible in Henley.

Our plumbers have extensive knowledge about pipes and sewage systems, so even if you decide to convert your room into a bathroom after a major renovation or reconstruction, we will be able to help you. In many cases, this kind of change is really beneficial, so it’s not worth giving up on your dreams, even if they seem difficult to implement. The distribution of water and sewage pipes will not be a problem for our team.

A stylish, practical bathroom in Henley within your reach

When performing our services, not only do we care for the renovation to be a way to achieve an interesting arrangement, but also a practical interior. We are able to change the glaze in your bathroom to a more modern one, adapted to the current trends, or to adapt the door to what is currently fashionable. We can also install comfortable underfloor heating, which is perfect for damp rooms.


Do you only work in Henley?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a bathroom?

We will rewire all connections, remove the old shower or bathtub, extensively take care of the entire renovation from the tiling throughout the modification of doors to the ceiling.

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