House extensions – Henley

Kitchen renovation.


A large, spacious house is a real asset. Currently, not everyone can afford to buy such a property, but if over the years it turns out that the purchased area is insufficient, you can think about extending the house. Do you live in Henley and your space is too small? Your house can be extended in such a way, that the space will be sufficient.

Renovations after house extensions in Henley

After a house extension, many people want to rearrange the layout of the rooms. Additional space gives a lot of room to imagine new interior arrangements and completely fresh visions of what a house may look like. In addition to home extension services, we also do renovations, so we can help you and advise you on what materials to choose and which furniture will fit your renovated living room. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are also familiar to us, so you can have a completely new, more functional house on request.

House extensions in Henley- our designers have countless ideas

Does it sound a little crazy to you that you might extend your house? You can’t imagine it happening? That’s completely fine. Our designers are experienced in house extensions and know which solutions work best. There are many ways to get additional space, but each situation is different, so if you’re serious about getting more room, make an appointment with us.

Why is it worth to have more space at all?

A large space in the flat means more possibilities in terms of creating arrangements, but this isn’t the only advantage of house extensions. If you decide to do this, you can gain new rooms and additional space for storing things that until now had no permanent place in a diminute house. The new rooms obtained from house extension may serve as a home office, children’s bedrooms or guest rooms. An enlarged living room or kitchen means better comfort and greater convenience for all household members. The decision to extend your home also means that you can adapt the interior to your needs.


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What does the home extension service include?

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