Kitchen renovation – Henley

Kitchen renovation.


Are you into cooking? Or maybe you’re a master at baking cakes and preparing sweets for special occasions? If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we bet you value convenience and comfort. It’s worth taking those two aspects into account when planning professional kitchen renovations.

Henley: kitchen with custom-made furniture

You don’t know much about interior styling, but you want your kitchen to be really stylish and functional? When it comes to arrangements, these two features can go hand in hand, but unfortunately sometimes it’s difficult to achieve it with store furniture. When you make a decision to renovate your kitchen, it’s worth going a step further and focusing on professional, custom-sized bespoke furniture. This option has many advantages. Sets of cupboards and countertops are perfect for kitchens, creating a coherent and functional whole.

Kitchen renovation in Henley – possibility of room swapping

Sometimes there’s a need to adapt a room to the needs of the kitchen. It happens, for example, when two families live in one house in Henley, or if, after a house extension service, it turns out that another room is more suitable for a kitchen. With our team, such a change is possible because we have plumbers in our team who are able to pull up sewage and plumbing pipes for a new kitchen. That’s why it’s is worth giving up your dreams, but it is better to make them come true through a general kitchen renovation.

We renovate kitchens in Henley

Professional kitchen renovation in a flat or house frequently causes a lot of confusion. We are able to help you with the selection of appropriate materials and recommend the most proven ones. We also advise on interior design and searching for functional solutions in the kitchen. We can replace tiles in your kitchen, change the floor or old doors that ruin the whole arrangement. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with the matters of building, renovation or interior design, we’re for you here to help. With us, your old kitchen will gain character and will look as if it was… completely new.


Do you only work in Henley?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a kitchen?

By repairing with us, you can count on our full support both in design and in the selection of materials. On special request we can also make all furniture fixtures so that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want.

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