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Kitchen renovation.


Do you often watch trendy interior arrangements of flats, and then you sigh over your own interior? This has to stop. You can have the interior you dream about without having to buy a different flat. Renovations, which often work wonders, are the answer.

Bathroom renovation – adapt the bathroom to new standards

Fashion changes quickly, but the classics is always trendy. If you’re planning an entire house renovation, you should start with the bathroom. Due to its small size, this inconspicuous room can often be adapted to current trends quickly. Removing tiles may seem very time-consuming, but thanks to the team of well-coordinated people and the advice of specialists, the work can go really fast.

Bespoke furniture – what is worth remembering when renovating a kitchen?

The kitchen is another important room in any house in Henley. Replacing the floor or tiles isn’t always necessary, but you should think about buying bespoke furniture. Kitchen cupboards adapted to the size of the room are a good idea for at least several reasons: they’re stylish, they fit together and they’re functional. The kitchen is a room where the whole family spends a lot of time, so it’s definitely worth taking care of these aspects.

House extensions or special renovations in Henley

A tiny house isn’t a problem that cannot be fixed. Our services include house extensions in order to create more usable space. If your house is small and you want more space, choose a special renovation involving house extension. Even if you don’t know yet what it would look like and from which side the new room would be added, call us and make an appointment for a consultation. We often advise our clients, so we’ll certainly come up with the best solution – like always.

Renovations in Henley – why is it worth it?

Renovation works may seem a bit burdensome for the residents of the house and premises, or for their neighbours, but it’s definitely worth investing in them. That is because thanks to the renovation, you can get a completely different interior and… feel like in a completely new home! This option is worth considering both for those who live in the same house for their whole life, and for those who bought a second-hand flat.


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