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Do you dream of a large house with many rooms and space to store all your belongings? Do you want your children to have their own rooms or to separate the home office space from the living room area? A house extension is a good solution to achieve it. Our services include house extensions so if you live in Reading please consider giving us a call.

Is it worth extending your house in Reading? Case study

Do you lack free space at home and you’ve been complaining about small spaces for years? If so, then surely a house extension is the solution for you. It may sound serious, but with a well-coordinated renovation team and a team of proven designers, everything will go well. House extension will also work when you want to obtain additional utility rooms, guest rooms, children’s rooms or home offices for household members.

Home extensions in Reading – comprehensive advice

Do you currently lack a vision of what your house would look like after such a general renovation? Even if you don’t have time to think about which side it would be best to extend your property, consider meeting us, as our designers will surely find the perfect solution in this situation. Extending the house means not only a few meters more of space, but also better comfort and convenience for you and your family, so don’t wait for a better opportunity, contact us.

General renovation after house extension?

It’s possible that while preparing a project of your house extension in Reading, you get a thought of swapping some rooms. Where there used to be a kitchen, now you can have a bathroom, and where there was a children’s room, there can be a living room. If at any stage of planning or work the concept changes, you can decide on a general renovation and adaptation of the rooms to their new functions. That’s something we can help you with – we will not only extend your home, but also renovate it and, on top of that, advise what furniture and materials to use.


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