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Kitchen renovation.


Kitchen is a place where the whole family often spends a lot of time. Cooking and eating together may an opportunity to talk and build relationships, but to ensure comfort and a well-kept interior, it is worth considering renovating the kitchen. If you live in Reading you can have a spacious kitchen or a small kitchenette connected to the living room, but no matter which case is yours, the whole thing can look really good.

Kitchen renovation in Reading – professional advising and counselling

It’s often hard to make a decision about kitchen renovation – especially when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and appropriate experience. However, this is not an obstacle to start working towards a nice and functional interior. Even if you’ve recently moved to Reading and you’re unfamiliar with interior design trends, you may have a neat kitchen. We can help with advice on building materials and furniture. We are also able to come to your flat in Reading to take measurements of your kitchen and design bespoke furniture tailored to this particular room. Then, arrangement problems disappear and you’re free to enjoy great style and functionality.

Kitchen renovation in Reading – room swapping

After house extension, your concept has changed and you want to have a kitchen in a room that is completely unsuitable for this purpose? Marmic Team Ltd. is ready for it! Our team has have plumbers who know everything about pipe systems and will connect the hydraulic system to the room of your choice. Thanks to this, you can have the kitchen anywhere you want. We can prepare all the pieces of furniture for you so that your entire kitchen is unified in style. The cupboards will be adapted to the layout of the room, so forget about the problems of gaps where store furniture does not fit.

A living room with a kitchenette? We’ll manage the renovation

Renovation of the kitchen permanently connected to the living room is also not a problem. We can adapt the living room furniture to those used in the kitchen and vice versa. We can design a special visualization of a living room with a kitchenette and provided you with a detailed presentation of our ideas. Check out the gallery to see alrwady finished designs of our other living rooms and kitchens.


Do you only work in Reading?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a kitchen?

By repairing with us, you can count on our full support both in design and in the selection of materials. On special request we can also make all furniture fixtures so that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want.

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