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The experience has shown that even a small bathroom renovation can bring beneficial changes to the interior design and comfort. If you live in Wokingham, you care about functionality in the bathroom, choose a renovation with a team of specialists in construction and plumbing – choose Marmic Team Ltd.

Marmic Team Ltd .: bathroom renovation in Wokingham

DIY bathroom renovations are often a big problem for people who are unfamiliar with the layout of plumbing and sewage pipes. A well-prepared renovation team relies on specialists in this field. This is our case – Marmic Team Ltd. benefits from the experience and work of plumbers, whose contribution is often necessary when renovating bathrooms. It happens, among others, when you decide to swap rooms and one of the renovated rooms is meant to be a bathroom. The correct connection of the sewage and plumbing pipes is possible with Marmic Team Ltd.

Bathroom renovation in Wokingham: what can we do?

When it comes to bathroom renovation in your house or flat, we can really do a lot. We are able to replace the entire glaze with a more modern one, adjust the decor to the current interior trends or get rid of the shower or bath that you want to throw away. We can also lay the tiles around the new elements, design special bespoke furniture or insert functional underfloor heating. We can also take care of your door and ceiling. If there are any hydraulics defects, we will fix them while renovating.

Well-kept bathroom in Wokingham – why is it worth it?

The bathroom may not seem as important as other rooms in the house, but it really matters how it looks and how the space is organized there. When we invite guests to come to our house, we should assume that they will use the bathroom, and the morning preparation for work and school shows that the comfortable furniture arrangement is really important for the comfort and convenience of the household members.


Do you only work in Wokingham?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a bathroom?

We will rewire all connections, remove the old shower or bathtub, extensively take care of the entire renovation from the tiling throughout the modification of doors to the ceiling.

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