Kitchen renovation – Wokingham

Kitchen renovation.


Kitchen renovation usually means really big changes for your house or flat. If it’s important for you to have a stylish kitchen that is very functional and practical at the same time, renovation may be a good solution. Sometimes even minor changes can be a real game changer when it comes to entire interior design and the comfort of using the room by household members.

Kitchen renovation in Wokingham – we face the challenges

The home extension service you bought made you want to swap rooms now and move your kitchen into another room? Or maybe a second family will also live in your home in Wokingham and you need to adapt the upstairs room to the kitchen? We accept such challenges because we also have plumbers working for us. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we are able to undertake a challenge of adapting a room into a kitchen. Even if you don’t know much about pipe systems and do not know how to pull up sewage, our plumbers can certainly do it. With Marmic Team Ltd. you can have your kitchen and bathroom anywhere you want.

Wokingham: we design kitchens with a view to your comfort.

Convenience is the middle name of custom-made furniture. If you care for the comfortable preparation of meals and the optimal use of the space available in the kitchen, choose custom-made furniture. Such cabinets look good and stylish, and are made especially for your kitchen. It means that the risk of unmatching the size or style to the rest of the flat is reduced. We can design and manufacture all kitchen equipment for you, making your home in Wokingham truly unique and unrepeatable. If you have a living room with a kitchenette, we will also make sure that the style of the furniture matches to what’s in the relaxation area. We can also furnish the entire room with completely new, custom-made furniture, because we also design lounge and living room furniture.


Do you only work in Wokingham?

No. We also work in nearby areas. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you do when renovating a kitchen?

By repairing with us, you can count on our full support both in design and in the selection of materials. On special request we can also make all furniture fixtures so that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want.

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